5/29/07 - get more pics at like these

and just click here to be freaked out

5/24/07 - Busch gardens-
today me and my class are going to busch gardens... and i recently got my nintendo DS stolen, i am getting it back by tomorrow or someone is going to get hurt!
and that person is not me... do you guys even visit this site anymore? i mean i remember when i started out, like everyone who watched my videos came here, but i'm just wondering, do you guys still come? chat here

5/15/07 - a lot of updates
Okay, so today I had the SOL and I took my time on it. I fell asleep for the first 3 hours and I had to get moved to another room, there I slept for 2 hours which then I was awoken by someone who told me to hurry up, I rushed through it, since it was pretty simple and I don't think I got any questions wrong.

I made new pictures, yes, pictures I made.

Yeah... I don't give titles to my pictures... like, i saved this file as "naruto" so it's nothing special, save it as any name you want, just don't claim it as your own.
time spent on this: 2 hours, I didn't rush it.

This one is the picture I use as a signature on , That's the server forum, check it out.
time spent on this : 3 minutes, I have NO idea what I was doing when I made this picture, Edit it as you please, I don't really need it.


best perfect loop in the world

oh the huge manatee

this picture is REAL

as you can see there is a face in the fire, such a coincidence this picture was taken when it sprang up, that is the mexican fire devil

this math test was too complicated

suicide note, too big for freewebs

5/2/07: check it out

it's my first flash and it has absolutely no point, i just made it and i experimented on it a lot, i just made it, with no thought of a storyline or anything.

Welcome to

Welcome to CoolMegg.  You are about to experience the visual style created from the mind of a wild child.  So sit back relax, 'cause you will never be the same again.  Presenting to you;  The smileys:


Innocent Smiley: Sure, he seems innocent, but under his innocent face, lies a monster.

TheTaunting Smiley: His taunts will piss you off as he takes advantage of you.

   MadDawg Smiley: Highly trained in fierce close quarters combat.

 WuTang Smiley: Stealthy and Ninjistic, he will sever your head standing right in front of you...and you never saw it coming.

 Mr.Winkies: Trained in the art of deception, his signature wink draws you...distracting you from the truth. Averting you from the death behind you.

 and finally CoolMegg: His visual styles amaze you to the point of    no mind!


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5 stars - AWESOME!

4 stars - Great!

3 stars - Average

2 stars - So-So

1 star - Sucks

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